The three questions a doctor asks when introduced to a patient are: How bad is the pain? How often do you get the pain? and When did the pain start? At least 50% of the patients stated that the pain started after an automobile collision years earlier. Second to car wrecks most men pinpoint contact sport and women refer to childbirth as their source of never-ending pain.

Auto accidents are the gifts that keep on giving. To avoid a future conversation about the auto accident you’ll have tomorrow (Californians average on accident every seven years), remember the following movie titles from the past,


In Time (2010 – Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried)

Two Days in the Valley (1996 – Jeff Daniels, Chalize Theron)

Time is critical following an auto collision, even the most minor collisions. When 3,000 lb objects make contact as fast as a person can walk (4 mi. per hr.), the forces delivered to the occupants is equivalent to a knock out punch from Mike Tyson. Within the first 24 hours swelling occurs in the tissue of the spine that will put pressure on nerves for several months. The faster you address the injury, the better the chances of resolving pain short term and long term. Get Chiropractic treatment within two days.


Do The Right Thing (1989 – Spike Lee)

When body parts are thrown around by vehicles behaving like mating Rhinos, aspirin is not enough. Taking medication for pain hides the symptoms of injury, but won’t address the source of the injury. Drugs won’t heal a broken leg, putting the leg bone back together will. Restoring the position of the joints is essential to relieving pain immediately after a collision, and the pain years after the medication prescription has expired.


Forget Pairs (1995 – Billy Crystal, Debra Winger)

The end result of an automobile collision is chronic pain, joint deterioration and arthritis, and loss of function. Functional loss is the golf swing that is sub par, housework left undone, or the trip to Paris you opted out because of pain. The goal of Chiropractic treatment is the movie cast of your auto collision, there shouldn’t be years of painful rerunseffiel_trans



The concept of improving digestion and immune function with probiotics has become very popular and also misleading. Let’s shed some light on the subject without having a colonoscopy.
The bacteria in the intestine out number the cells in our body ten to one, and their DNA is far more complex than ours which gives them brain-like intelligence to process food, subdue hostile microbes, and reduce the effects of non-food items like Twinkies and synthetic vitamins. By sheer number the home team bacteria must overwhelm the unfriendly bacteria that produce cancer-causing chemicals and room-clearing stench.
Simple rule: The more bacteria fighting for you, the less working against you.
Fact – Every time you flush, the majority of the donation to the city was made of dead bacteria, so daily attempts to replenish the intestinal population is necessary.
Most products including yogurt are inadequate, because the stomach acid destroys the bacteria before the microbes can reach the intestines. If you have to refrigerate your probiotics and take it between meals, the strain of bacteria is too delicate to get past the stomach.
The Solution: Take a strain of bacteria, give them barbells, steroids, and bullet-proof vests so they can live outside the refrigerator and get through the stomach. The label of your probiotic must state that the bacteria will survive stomach acid, and there is no need for refrigeration. Very few products will qualify, and we recommend a pharmaceutical grade formula that is Bio-Enhanced to make them strong enough to reach the colon where they wage war against inflammation, carcinogens, and infection.



Albert Einstein became famous for his theory that gravity is such a powerful force in the universe it is capable of altering the path of light. It took ten years to prove the theory, and another 43 years for science to confirm that a black hole in space is just a tremendous amount of gravity sucking up light like a Hoover vacuum cleaner.

The force of gravity on this planet is 14.7 pounds of pressure per-square-inch, which makes Mother Earth a bad parent, and gravity a cruel mistress. Fourteen pounds doesn’t sound like much, but it’s enough to propel water downhill, crumble mountains, and misalign joints throughout your body. Thanks to gravity life is hard everywhere on the planet, and if you’re not doing something to counteract the effects of gravity, you’re bending to its demands, literally.

The effects of gravity become apparent by observing what happens to the body over a period of time. The arches of the feet that supported the knees and low back collapse, the curve of the neck that balanced the head on the shoulders reverses direction, and the mid back hunches forward enough to get a job ringing church bells. And you should see what happens after the age of thirty! Research indicates the spine shows signs of deterioration secondary to the force of gravity as early as the mid-teens



Chiropractic began fighting the effects of gravity when Einstein was only 15 years-old and already developing those droopy eyelids, deep wrinkles, and rounded shoulders. Giving attention to the structure of the body is chiropractic’s way of improving Mother Earth’s parenting skills, making the old girl kinder and more forgiving.



A merry gentleman appeared in distress, I asked him why he was such a mess? “Pain has zapped my motivation, I gotta tell ya’ doc, it’s my occupation. You see, I work just two months a year, my job is spreading holiday cheer. Most of the year I feel just fine, but the holidays tend to stress my spine. It is not as easy as you’d assume, in fact it seems no one is immune.

I got tennis elbow carving a pumpkin. Lifting that turkey was really’ sum thin ,I sprained the ligaments in my knee trying to carry a Christmas tree. Strained my shoulder lighting a menorah, got neck tension choosing wool or angora. Fell from the roof hanging outdoor 1 ights, slipped a disc putting on tights.

A body in pain runs out of cheer faster than the passing of another year. With so many things still left to do, I stopped being cheerful, so r came to you.” Aligning the spine fixed all the damage. “Without chiropractic, how would I manage!” With a sigh of relief I heard him say, “I’ll be back before New Years Day!”




A 16-year-old athlete came in with a stiff neck and stated that he had not done anything to bring on the condition. “How did this happen?” he asked, feeling victimized by tate. I thought it was time for a history lesson and said, “You have problems because of a series of events, just like the Titanic.” As young as he was, he probably thinks Celine Dion was on the Titanic, so I had to explain. It wasn’t just an iceberg that sunk the Titanic, but a series of events sank the ship, and the same factors affect your health.

Too Fast:
The Titanic was a fast ship for its day, and ifit had not been traveling at high speed the ship could have steered away to avoid collision with the iceberg. Our lives demand full speed ahead, and the fast pace is physically demanding. Overexertion on the weekends, commuting to school and work, sports, and the daily grind takes its toll on the body. Chiropractic can’t slow you down, but may improve your maneuverability.

Second Rate Material:
When the wreckage was found, metal from the hull was analyzed and determined to be inferior steel. It seems the first class ship was made with second class steel. The combination of inferior materials and extremely cold water made the steel brittle and susceptible to damage. The body can also suffer from inferior material, and chiropractic has always stressed the importance of nutrition to keep the body strong.

Calm Waters:
The iceberg struck by the Titanic was not typical, and was made of black ice. Waves breaking against the base of black icebergs reveal their location at night, but the calm waters on April 15, 1912 barely made a ripple, which totally obscured the object against the dark horizon. We are lulled into a false sense of security by lack of pain or calm waters that give no indication of trouble. We rarely see it coming, the slipped disc, the arthritis, and the pains that indicate deeper health problems. Consistent chiropractic treatment is an early warning system that can detect and correct trouble before  the consequences. Think of chiropractic as a vigilant eye on the horizon ofa dark-night in calm waters.



The teenager thinks for a second and says, ”So, let me get this straight. Disasters are a result of many factors instead
of one incident, and Celine Dion wasn’t even alive in 1912.” The kid is a genius!



Two facts about the Leaning Tower of Pisa:

1. It leans because the foundation is uneven.

2. Higher segments were built to compensate for the foundation, therefore the tower curves as well as leans.


If you have neck pain, headache, upper back, arm, shoulder, or jaw pain, your problem may not be in the troubled areas, but actually in your foundation, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


In 1964 the tower of Pis a was in danger of failing due to progressive movement over time, so an international task force of engineers performed a large-scale chiropractic manipulation by removing soil under the high side of the foundation to level the base. For the first time in its history the tower stopped moving, and the foundation supported the tower with just enough lean to satisfy the tourists.


The spine is a tower of bones stacked largest to smallest, and the stability of the upper bones depend on the position of the lower. An uneven low back and pelvis can make your spine curve and tilt, causing pain in the upper body. Chiropractic views every headache, grinding jaw, neck, upper back, arm and shoulder pain with suspicion that the stability of the foundation has failed, and the structures of the lower body must be scrutinized despite the absence of pain in the lower body.


Lessons learned from the Leaning Tower of Pisa:

1. The position of the foundation determines the stability and comfort of the upper body.

2. A large-scale chiropractic manipulation can fix the problem.



Here’s a joke Californians can really appreciate. What’s the difference between an earthquake and a lane change? You get more warning with an earthquake! Some motorists simply aren’t looking before changing lanes or they think there’s a shoe horn on the side of their car to get into tight spaces. Some drivers might be road hazards because neck stiffness won’t allow them to make a safe lane change. If you have neck stiffness or one of the following problems, your driving is worse than you think!

If you wake from sleep with ann or hand numbness, be concerned about the condition of the neck. Arthritis, misaligned vertebrae, and neck muscle tension can cut off nerve or blood supply to the arms giving you a night of tormented sleep. A good rule of thumb: Seek help when ann or hand pain and numbness disturbs your sleep.

Paresthesia (pair es-thee-zah)
Paresthesia sounds like a pear-flavored Martini, but it means altered sensation such as tingling or burning. Only five nerves distribute sensation to the arms, and the location of the paresthesia tells which nerve is damaged. Recognizing the neck is in need of attention when the arms and hands tingle can be a leap of faith, especially when there is no pain in the neck.


Stabbing Pain

A bad neck will give you more back stabbing than a beauty contest. If turning your head sends sharp pain into the upper back and shoulder blades, your neck is really irritated. Even if you don’t have pain when you turn your head, inability to turn 90 degrees indicates your neck is not up to par, and chiropractic treatment could improve your neck and driving record.

Don’t get upset by an unsafe lane change, the other driver is probably in need of Chiropractic treatment. Aligning the neck can relieve stiffness, pain and paresthesia, and also improve circulation to the brain, because the blood supply to the brain courses through the bones of the neck. Do you honestly think the guy in the next lane with cob webs on his turn signal lever has enough circulation to his brain?



Headaches are probably the most cornrron and least understood health problem. Enorrrous amounts of pain relievers are consumed each year for headaches without any real solution to the origin of the problem. Note the following facts about headaches:


1. The brain has no sensation of pain in its own tissue.

2. Only blood vessels and brain membranes are pain sensitive.

3. The brain and spinal cord are attached to the inside of the skull and vertebral column by supporting membranes.

4. Chiropractic and medical experts agree that 90 to 95% of all headaches are mechanical in cause (known as subluxation).



The blood supply to the brain is encased in the bones and muscles of the neck, and misaligrunent of the vertebrae can alter the blood flow by creating pressure on the blood vessels. Altered blood flow to the brain may be the cause of frequent headaches following whiplash injuries that occur in minor auto accidents. Particularly migraine headaches are associated with altered blood flow to the brain.


Remember that the spinal cord is a continuation of the brain, and is attached to each vertebra of the spine. Even a subluxation (misalignment) in the low-back can create enough torque and tension on the spinal cord to cause severe headaches and a multitude of nerve problems. In this light, it is obvious how any subluxation in the spine can cause severe problems in seemingly unrelated areas of the body. Our bodies are extremely complex, and most physicians
realize that the health of the whole body depends on the function of its various parts.


Chiropractic hasn’t Changed its philosophy on headaches since it’s inception nearly 100 years ago, yet research is rediscovering the truths on which chiropractic was founded.’Thomas Edison once said, ”The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest the patient in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease”. CHIROPRACTIC … the world is just catching up!



Chiropractic relieves pain and inflammation, but the nagging question has always been how does moving a bone relieve pain? To shed light on the subject, researchers at the Parker College of Chiropractic injected the low backs of rats with a toxic substance to mimic the chemical environment of an inflamed joint. When you have joint injury, pressure, or misalignment, various chemicals collect in the joint that trigger inflammation and pain. The scientists injected enough toxins into the rats to cause cellular damage in the nerve and malfunction in the muscles ofthe legs.


Manipulation of the injected joints over a period of two weeks reversed the nerve damage, and returned normal function to the muscles of the leg. A control group of rats that did not receive manipulation dragged their painful little legs around for a couple more weeks. The study demonstrated that manipulation of a specific joint reduces nerve inflammation, shortens the duration of pain, and improves the blood supply and nutrition to damaged nerves. (Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapy 2006;29;5-13)


So here’s how it works. Nerves are freeways that transport information in the body, and if a truck-load of oil turns over on the freeway, traffic won’t return to normal until the spill is cleaned up. When you have pain, your body is fighting a chemical spill that alters your posture, interferes with your lifestyle, and stops the flow of traffic to your muscles and organs. Chiropractic is like a HASMA T team that not only cleans up the area, but repairs the road, and plants trees on the side of the road just to make driving a little more enjoyable.



A study at Rush University by George Bakris, M.D., the director of the University of Chicago hypertension center, revealed chiropractic treatment decreased high blood pressure an average of 17 points. Dr. Bakris was so amazed by the results he stated, “This procedure has the effect of not one, but two blood pressure medications given in combination. We saw no side effects and no problems.” The study determined chiropractic treatment reduced blood pressure by realigning the atlas, the top bone in the neck.

The name atlas is derived from the Greek god that held the world on his shoulders, just as the first vertebra supports the skull. All but twelve nerves in the body pass through the atlas, and misalignment of the atlas can affect most any part of the body, but headache, nausea, and dizziness are common symptoms. Marshall Dickholz, D.C., who performed the manipulation in the blood pressure study, noted “half a millimeter of misalignment of the atlas was enough to cause nervous system malfunction, but not pain.”

Chiropractic has always emphasized the prevention of disease through structural maintenance, and the blood pressure study tells us two things: regular chiropractic treatment may be correcting problems before there is a crisis, and you can’t rely on pain to alert you to health problems. The atlas is only one of 26 bones in the spine affecting your health. If aligning the atlas can reduce high blood pressure, imagine what aligning 25 more bones in the spine can do!